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News about the Coronavirus

Like you, we are disconcerted by COVID 19, and the violence of its impact worldwide.

Specially, we think of India, our adopted and productive country, where the human suffering of those who already had little seems even more cruel.

In a country where one third of the population lives in precarious sanitary conditions confinement seems impossible.

Today some of the artisans of our workshop have chosen to join their families in the villages.

To all, we will maintain their wages throughout the time of the epidemic and try to provide various concrete help to cope with the most pressing to help them and their families.

And already, we will take advantage of this time of confinement to start thinking and designing new collections and be ready to start working again as soon as the confinement is completed.

Like many, we reflect on our modes of production; a vast subject to which we have always paid attention to, and which has only strengthened in recent years at the sight of the ecological emergency; it takes on yet another dimension.

We will certainly have to rethink the aspect of our profession: designing and manufacturing fashion and decoration items, re-thinking our choices, how we work with our workshops, with our suppliers with all the artisans we call upon: weavers, embroiderers, dry cleaners … to pay even more attention to our material choices: textiles, dyes, etc.

Li Edelekoort, the famous forecaster and influencer for the fashion and design community, gives us her opinion and invites us to reflect on the following:

NANA KI is a small structure and for a long time our collections ignored the seasons, capsule collections, summer or winter materials, all in order to take the time, to make only articles designed with care and respect of the values that are dear to us; but more than ever after this crisis, we are committed to imagining timeless, traditional and wearable items for a very long time.

We also want to think better at our level, at how to preserve and transmit India’s artisanal textile know-how.

We want to get out of this crisis better and we will come back very soon to tell you more……

See you soon

Stay home, stay safe.

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