Nana Ki Paris


Nana Ki founders, Chloé and Danielle, have a keen eye for and lay great emphasis on quality, which eventually led to the opening of their own production unit where every item could be created under their watchful eye and direct supervision.

The workshop emerged after a meeting with a charismatic Indian woman, Ritu Jain, who appreciated the pair’s requirement for quality and who was personally excited to redirect her vast textile knowledge to a new project. Ritu is now a Partner at Nana ki and heads the production unit, while also assisting in the design process by offering her Indian aesthetics, elemental to the Nana Ki collections.


Quality at Nana Ki begins with using only the finest natural material that is respectful of the traditional craftsmanship, while being mindful of the working conditions of everyone involved in the creation of each piece. Nana Ki always employs and collaborates with the most skilled craftsmen.

Their Delhi workshops produces carefully stitched and finished pieces, where everything is checked with meticulous attention given to the smallest details. The brand’s credo lays strong emphasis on fair trade values and employs only environmentally friendly techniques and natural materials, as much as possible.

What sets this brand apart, is that it exalts and employs the very roots of Indian textile traditions, weather it is Benares woven ultra-thin mulmul cottons, Jaipur block printed fabrics or leharia and bandani dyeing, hand-made Chikan embroidery from Lucknow, Kashimiri hand-spun, hand-woven pashminas and other treasures of Indian textiles.

This little family-run workshop has now been in operation for more than 17 years now and remains successful in New Delhi’s changing times and volatile economy, and to be able to assure the growing production, a new workshop has been opened in 2018, still in New Delhi, with Pankaj Kumar at his head, one of their faithful co-worker since 12 years.

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