Nana Ki Paris


We have travelled all over India...

And will continue to do so, continue our tireless search for artisans who are not just passive inheritors but active contributors to Indian heritage from the past and the present, for those who do not just remake what has already been made before but instead re-create by using the knowledge and skills of those who preceded them.

Sometimes, we helped them in their work by suggesting new sources of inspiration, by opening new windows in order to bring some fresh air to the traditions, which would lose their sense by remaining stagnant.

“Cashing in on their work would be outrageous”

Many people understood our approach, our desire for a true collaboration. We have often been amazed with the results and we have great respect for them.

It has a faire price. We feel that people who love beautiful things, who know how to recognize them will follow us in this path, we are sure that you will agree with us.

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