Nana Ki Paris



Launched in 2003 in Paris, the Babies and Kids Nana Ki collections became quickly a big success story, and it is in 2005, with the birth of Lola, Chloé’s daughter, and the opening of Lola’s World, mother and children concept store, first of its kind in New Delhi, that Chloe introduced her vision of childhood to India.

Inspired by her Parisian roots and spiced up with a modern Indian twist, Chloe designs collections that remain somehow casual yet definitely sophisticated and chic. The Nana Ki babies and kids garments range from new-born babies to teenagers; sometimes in soft and subtle hues, sometimes in bright and acidic colors.

In a country surrounded by some of the most beautiful patterns, Chloe makes a point to always propose original prints designed especially for the collections, and to use mainly natural fabrics, from summery cotton voiles to thick structured cottons, denim or generous hand knitted merino wool.

The Nana Ki Babies & Kids collection is wide and complete, offering a stylish wardrobe for your loved ones.

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